B2B fintech marketers manage their brands, tell their stories and sell solutions against a backdrop of regulation, risk aversion and long sales cycles that typify the banking industry.  

This report is a data-driven assessment of the unique challenges, attitudes and behaviours that define the buying mindset of senior bank decision-makers.  

Here are a few key takeaways – comparing attitudes of senior bank decision-makers with their peers in other industries – before you dive into the full report: 

  • Constrained by legacy technologies, they are 1.7X more likely to be looking for new technology partners because their current technology is already failing.
  • Burdened by regulatory compliance, they are 1.6X more likely to feel that their responsibilities for data protection and compliance are increasingly burdensome.
  • Buying on reputation, they are 1.6X more likely to choose vendors with strong DEI performance.  
  • Listening to experts, they are 1.5X more likely to listen to experts’ opinions on the technologies they should invest in.