As businesses seek to operationalise their data both internally and externally, the need for robust data assurance standards is growing.

Commissioned by the Open Data Institute, Metia Group has carried out research into the size and dynamics of the global data assurance market.

This report analyses the findings and reveals the key opportunities that exist for those offering data assurance products and the requirement from organisations for improving confidence and trust in data and data sharing processes and practices.

The results of the multi-country research break down the challenges across industries and regions, based on responses from professionals working in the data assurance space. Before jumping into the full report, here’s a summary of key findings:

  • The data assurance market is projected to grow by 60% in the next five years to $5.6bn USD.
  • 94% of data holders and data users believe that external data assurance boosts organisations’ trustworthiness.
  • Two-thirds (66%) of data assurance professionals on the demand side believe data assurance supply does not fully meet their needs, highlighting the significant market opportunity for organisations offering these products and services.
  • The majority (63%) of those responsible for data assurance within organisations report to CIOs, CEOs and COOs, highlighting data assurance as an increasing priority for the C-suite.