Realizing the true potential of AI means convincing financial
services buyers that AI is a viable, business-critical tool.

Accelerating consideration and adoption must start with a new narrative, one rooted in solving the real business problems faced by the financial services industry today.

Using Metia’s proprietary data and analysis methodologies, we have uncovered a new narrative that will help fintech marketers to reposition AI as a business-critical tool rather than a concept or promise.

In this report you will discover:
  1. The top three universal business challenges facing financial services.
  2. The top three commercial outcomes these challenges impede.
  3. The top three strategies in place to deliver the primary commercial outcomes together with perceptions of how AI could support.
  4. The perceived barriers to adopting AI as a key strategic tool together
    with key messages and proof points that will help to remove.
  5. Four data-driven story telling pillars that will allow fintech marketers to rewrite the AI narrative to accelerate business critical credibility, trust and adoption.